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What Makes us Unique

Posted by Jon Menard on

Greetings, this holiday season, we've been very busy serving new and returning customers, both retail and wholesale.  We're very grateful!   It's been a huge blessing as well as an opportunity to gain a lot of on the job experience about our philosophy and what we stand for.  We really are a unique "sweet shop", if you will.  I would say we're more like a restaurant.  When you come into our store you may know exactly what you want or not.  We have a menu for you to order from.  If you're looking for gifts or a snack, you may ask us what the favorite popcorn or nut flavors are and you may want to sample some before you make a choice.  You may be curious about where the tantalizing flavors are coming from and want to taste more than one.  We have about 17 different varieties of popcorn and 4 honey glazed nuts.  So, we totally expect and welcome the taste test.  We want you to have fun in the process of making your decision and leave our store happy.  :)  We give you our undivided attention.  It's important to note that because every flavor is freshly made, generally, we don't have bags or tins already packaged.  So when you place an order with us we fill it for you fresh and right on the spot. That's another way we're similar to a restaurant.  Select what you know you love or be daring and try something new. 

Here's where it gets interesting.  We're learning that it's important for folks to be aware of how we operate.  Some orders can take longer to fill than others .  For instance, a request may be made for a flavor that is just about ready or about to be made. Especially these days, Jon,our popcorn "guru", is pretty much non stop in the process of production.  The one you want may be one of the next in line.  How to package it is another part of the process. You get to choose if you want it In a bag, in a tin or in a box.  The nuts we package in plastic cones or small tins and sell in small, medium and large sizes.  We weigh our products in ounces and in case you want to know how much each flavor costs ahead of time, our written menu provides this information.  We charge a little extra for what we call a "party" bag which has a hard bottom and comes with a cute bow.  You may want multiple items and in this case it's best to call ahead for these orders or give us an hour to get it together so as to keep your wait to a minimum.

So folks,  that's what's "popping" around here these days.  We have unbelievably awesome products which we prepare daily for you to enjoy.  It's an adventure every time you visit because you never know what new product we'll be coming up with to satisfy your taste for Ultra gourmet popcorn and/or honey glazed nuts.

While every day can be extraordinary, we at Carolina Popcorn shop wish y'all, wherever you are, an extraordinarily wonderful holiday season!!!

Jon, Holly, Valerie, Jeremy and . . . . Our boss man Bob/AKA Uncle Bob

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